Member Highlight - Sandra Vela

September 01, 2020

"I’ve been attending SPU for about a year and a half. My son invited me to come after meeting Leslie. I had been in a very depressed point in my life from another church my son and I had been attending. He was the music minister there, and when he was “out,” they no longer wanted him to lead in the church. Me, as his mom, also being lesbian, and him being gay, we were both down. And when we met them, it changed everything for us again. We’re blessed to be here. My favorite memory is friends and family day. It was awesome because I had my friends and my sister come out and support us. I would have never known ten years ago that I would have had that kind of support. Me trusting in the Lord, and me keeping my faith in the Lord no matter what has opened up everything for me, and even for the other people in my life around me. When they do Friends and Family day, it’s beautiful to see everyone come and support their loved ones. "

Sandra Vela, St. Peter United Member

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