Welcome Letter from the Pastor

Welcome to St. Peter. We are excited God has sent you to help make this the place of which God dreams.

January 01, 2021


We are glad you are becoming a member of St. Peter. Although we don’t “push” people to become members, it is a very important step for you and for this church.

Let us take a moment and tell you what membership means around here.

  • First, everyone is welcome here. Although we are clear that St. Peter United is a Christian church, we are determined that no one feels excluded. Regardless of where people are on their faith journey, they are welcome here. We are all seeking the Truth together.
  • Membership means that we have made certain decisions about faith, and we are ready to make certain commitments. The faith decision we expect that members have made is simple. As members of St. Peter we have decided that for us, following Jesus as a disciple is the path we have chosen. While this does not mean the rest of the world is wrong, it means that we are unapologetic about being followers of Jesus.
  • The commitment we expect from members is based on our belief that you are a gifted child of God. We believe God has led you to this point in your life because you have something unique to offer. The vision of this church is tremendous. To meet it will require all of us working together. For that reason, we believe that every member is a minister! You have a role to play in building the Reign of God in this world.

As ministers, we all have responsibilities. We are producers, not just consumers. We are givers, not just takers. We are called to be the people of God that will leave our lives and the life of the world changed forever.

When you become a member of St. Peter, you are making a public statement that you are someone on whom God can count. As disciples of Jesus and ministers of this church, we all have the responsibility of making this world a better place because Jesus said we are the “salt of the earth and the light of the world.”

Welcome to St. Peter. We are excited God has sent you to help make this the place of which God dreams.

In Christ,

Rev. Leslie L.C. Jackson, Senior Pastor

St. Peter United

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