Senior Ministry

Welcome to Encore

Encore is our senior adult ministry, designed for those entering into mature adulthood. This is your time to cherish because you've earned it! Meet people just like you who are ready to enjoy life in their senior years. Our Encore ministry is focused on creating a just world for adults in the third act of their life through discipleship, education, advocacy, and action.

Encore is our senior adult ministry at St. Peter United for ages 65ish and above. The Encore ministry seeks to equip, educate, and empower our senior adults to effectively pass on a just world.

Service Projects

Once a month, Encore members will participate in a service project for the congregation or the community at large.

Education Programs

Once a month, Encore members will hear from specialists about aging well and advocacy.

Bible Study

Quarterly, rotational studies focusing on discipleship, books of the bible, and spiritual disciplines.